History of kennel Benchmark

      My first Cocker spaniel was black and white bitch Brightmind Evelyn "Nuppu". It was lovely year 1965 when I got it for birthday present .
      Nuppu got her first litter in 1968. It produced five puppies and one of those five (orange & white bitch FIN CH Brightmind Jasmin "Mia") stayed at with us. Our bitches produced few litters and all those were named by kennel Brightmind (owner and breeder Mrs. Aili Nevalainen).

I'm very pleased all the advices and directions that Mrs. Aili Nevalainen gave to me when I was a
little girl and a teenage. In that time I also noticed that dog-world is "my world".

1975 I became qualified show secrytary . It was also frutifull time for me because I worked and learned much about spaniels. I spent lots of time with spaniels (tracking test, forest and so on ...)
Brightmind Fargo & Brightmind Eimy
      Brightmind Eimy "Eimi" (-78), tricolour bitch mother of black & white dog FIN CH Brightmind Fargo "Fargo" (-81). Fargo was a dog who lived with me and Markku in our first own home. Later (-82) borned our chilren Juha and (-84) Anett.

Fargo was latest Brightmind cocker who got FIN CH-title under Mr. Hans Lehtinen. I thing it is one of the best day in my life when Fargo got his last CAC even tought our spaniel life have received so many and marvelous results.

1983 tought that I have spent so many years in dog world so I decided to get own kennelname BENCHMARK (-83). Then came our "super" bitch MULTI CH
Breeze Sleeping Beauty "Hertta" (-84). She was absolutely one of the best Cocker spaniel witch I ever had and of course had seen.

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Lucky Moor Warning Leader (-83)
Adamant's Touch Of Change (-85)
Sprightly Yeggman (-87)